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Below are some links to my previous and current film projects. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy! 


Running time: 05:09

Year: 2019

Pearls is a story of one of the UK's fastest declining butterfly species, the Pearl bordered fritillary. Warton Crag, one of the last strongholds, where the butterflies rely on a small group of inspiring people to protect them for the future. 

Salford Wetland

Running time: 09:11

Year: 2019 

On the borders of Salford and Manchester there is a small patch of land that has become an unlikely home for wildlife in the city. 


Birds of Peel Park - Official Trailer 

Running time: 00:39

Year: 2017

Peel Park was one of the first public parks in the UK when it opened in the mid 19th Century and became a unique place for both people and nature in the City of Salford. This is the story of a park and its birds that withstood the full blast of Britain's Industrial Revolution, and lived to tell the tale.

* Official Selection: SunChild International Environmental Festival

* Official Selection: The Monthly Film Festival

* Official Selection: Barcelona Planet Film Festival 

Worlds Collide - Coming 2020

An Oropendola Production 

Across the eastern coast of the Black Sea, through the foothills of the Southern Caucasus Mountains, one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles takes place. Over a million birds of prey pass through a narrow bottleneck in Georgia. Below them, scientists and birders eagerly watch and record the skies whilst local traditions send showers of bullets and nets snapping in their direction.

Brooke's Story

Running time: 04:55

Year: 2017

Brooke was was a pedestrian hit by a speeding car in 2007. After years of rehab and recovery he is now trying to raise awareness of what life is like with a traumatic brain injury.

Stories of the River Irwell

Running time: 05:28

Year: 2015

The River Irwell is a misunderstood 39-mile stretch of water often described as “the dirtiest river in the country”. The River Irwell played a fundamental role during the Industrial Revolution, but became polluted (almost) beyond hope as a result. Today the river stands as one of the greatest untold conservation stories of our generation.

* Official Selection: Barcelona Planet Film Festival

* Nominated for Best Cinematography: Focus International Film Festival

The Hundred Year Flood

Running time: 06:51 

Year: 2016

On Boxing Day 2015 the River Irwell flooded - badly. Hundreds of homes were ruined in an event that became known as the hundred year flood. The damage on that day was untold, but perhaps the worst thing of all was the damage the flood did to people's relationship with the river itself. This film tells the story of that day. 

Capra: Ancient Wanderers

Running time: 10:08

Year: 2009

The wild mountain goats in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, have roamed the mountains for hundreds of years. This film takes an intimate glance into the lives of these secretive and ancient wanderers. 

Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre

Running time: 14:23

Year: 2016

The Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre at Salford University is focused on advancing understanding of key environmental challenges of major economic and societal importance in the twenty first century.