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Salford Wetland - new film coming soon!

August 22, 2018

Wow it has been a long time since my last blog post - sorry about that! But in my defence, it's because I've been quite busy working on my new film. 


Back in 2015 work began on a new flood basin in Salford to help protect the city from flooding. However, no one was prepared for how different kinds of wildlife would take over this urban oasis and make it their own. 


For the last year I have spent countless days on the wetland, filming all the wildlife that has visited the site. From winter migrants to summer migrants, Little egrets to Meadow pipits, the wetland has been bustling with life. 



The highlight in terms of birdlife had to be the Little egret. This bird spent around a month on the wetland, and to see it in a truly inner city habitat was really special. It moved around the wetland like a ghost, blending in with the gulls and walking like a heron, it was both familiar and yet totally new. 


We also have some beautiful residents. Lapwing are common sights on the wetland, and their classic 'peewit' calls can be heard at any time of day. Sporting what I consider to be the best hairstyle in the animal kingdom, I hope we continue to see them on the wetland for many years to come. 


And last but not least, the birds that took me almost 8 months to see on the wetland, oystercatcher can be seen showing off their impressive bright orange bills to any willing observer. You usually find them at the water's edge, often walking around in the shallows, dripping their orange lightsaber bills into the water hunting for various insects to eat, and looking straight into your soul with their piercing red eyes. 


My new film is due out in September 2018! 



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